How I get inspired

I don't just find inspiration through art itself, but the way it is presented, staged & shared through social media pages. There is so much excitement for me finding a new artist or studio on instagram and instantly getting a feel their artistic & life style through the first 6 photos that show on their feed. To me, that's the selling point. You have those first 6 photos to capture your audience and your profile is much more likely to convert new visitors into followers.

Instagram has a become an amazing platform to connect and follow artistic journeys of all kinds. It's the best way to get followers and grow your account- and in return you do the same for others! Here are my favourites artists/accounts I have discovered and come to love, and I hope you will too.

Emily Jeffords

I want to LIVE in an Emily Jeffords painting. Her landscape paintings are places I daydream about and love the escape they create.

I love the texture she achieves with her brushstrokes not only on her canvases, but her paint palettes as well while she mixes colours.. which is like its own unintentional painting.

I found her account when I was in College and her art has had me thinking about it ever since. She lives & breaths her paintings & process and has done amazing work to provide information for other artists on how to make art and make a business from making that art.

Her account is one I always look forward to seeing new content from and is instantly recognizable & admirable.

Painted Plate

I think this is one of the first PYOP accounts I followed when I opened my studio and I have been obsessed ever since.

Their branding is the most consistent I've seen and I absolutely love how their feed aesthetic changes with projects and seasons. They make a fantastic impression with their feed for new and previously existing followers.

Plus, whoever is their creative director/sample painter/ whatever the title of that position is, is They even have their own mixed colours that fit with the consistency of their brand aesthetic and are right on trend along with their designs.

I really hope to visit this studio in person one day and I feel I would get the same vibes from their studio as I do their instagram feed.

Chimerical Homewares (& Little Paint Co)

Ok, so this is my most recent discovery and I was just blown away by their business model.

Little Paint Co hosts what look to be the most fun workshops where you can work with clay or bisque pottery to paint. They have a warehouse style location where they host their workshops and have their kilns set up.

When their not hosting workshops, they operate as Chimerical Homewares (two girls on a colourful, fun-filled, homewares adventure) and have a pretty popular instagram account with a big following!

Their painting style is exactly as their bio says- FUN, colourful, bright and & is easily recognizable across all the bisque pieces they paint on- which are then available to purchase through their shop.

I love that they have found a balance to be able to host workshops (where they even teach their abstract style!) and create a solid online shop with their own hand painted pieces.

The one thing all these artists/studios have in common is their branding... they've got it down pat. The type of branding aesthetic that is so consistent you could see a post and know its theirs instantly even if you don't see their username. Branding is one of my favourite aspects of social media. Their love for their craft is so apparent in their photos and captions, its a direct reflection of their personality & voice.

And THAT is what I envision for PYOP studios. In a visual arts industry, your marketing content is what is going to sell your service to your customers. Strive to have images of your products that will sell themselves. To quote Dwight K. Schrute:

"First rule in roadside beet sales, put the most attractive beets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go, 'Wow, I need this beet right now.' Those are the money beets." So in this situation, to put it in pottery terms, have your painted & unpainted pieces in your marketing make people think "Wow, I need this pottery right now".

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