Are you ready to start the new year with a clearer, more defined brand & social strategy? I've got you. Let's work together to establish and define your studios branding to be at the top of it's game!

If you're already well versed with Instagram but are just looking for some fine tuning on your branding, a 3 day 1:1 intensive mentoring session will get you well on your way to having the feed of your dreams. 3 day intensives consist of 3 1.5-hour calls to hyper focus on your studios specific social branding needs.

Need a little bit more 1:1 time to learn & implement your new social strategy? Through 6 week 1:1 brand mentoring sessions we'll work together during 1.5 hour calls to build the foundation of your studios branding and I'll be there the whole way providing prompts and digital to dos for you to complete.

The end goal for both forms of 1:1 brand mentoring is to build a true digital representation of who you are as a studio with a strongly established brand to increase your studios value and recognition. 

3 day 1:1 intensive

brand mentoring

During the 3 day 1:1 intensive brand mentoring we will work together to:

  • ensure consistency of branding across platforms 

  • learn my favourite app to schedule and post consistent creative content in advance to give you more time working   in your studio

  • ensure you are optimizing your posting schedule based on your audiences activity 

  • build stronger community connections with your existing and potential audience 

  • ensure your Instagram bio is up to date with frequent CTA prompt changes

focus on your studios specific branding requirements 

  • prepare yourself to plan and 

    schedule  product launch 

 3 day intensive 1:1 brand mentoring includes an Instagram audit done in advance a with the feedback provided at the beginning of the intensive. Digital to dos will also be provided for the studio owner to implement after each call.

3 2-hour calls, 1 per day. 6 hours of 1:1 mentoring, plus full access before/after calls to ask your specific branding questions with quick responses.


the pottery painting process

PYOP studio owner mentoring 

There is so much that goes into pottery painting, before the pottery painting actually begins!

As my time as a studio owner, I quickly learned where my time & efforts were best spent with small business entrepreneurship- and I want to pass that knowledge on to you so your studio can excel.

Being a studio owner means so many things- managing, scheduling, supplying & providing.  There's a lot of responsibility to manage and maintain- and you're a small business super hero for making it all run smoothly.

Now is a good time and the right time for growth and I’ve been doing a lot of researching, thinking & building to help PYOP studios succeed even MORE than they already do! I hope to take what I learned as a studio owner to provide mentoring resources for success in your

pyop studio.


6 week 1:1 brand mentoring

Over the 6 week 1:1 brand mentoring sessions we will work together to: 


  • establish and define your studios branding

  • create individualized branding kit

  • apply branding across all platforms

  • schedule & post consistent creative content and learn about my favourite scheduling app

  • acquire insights for your content to reflect what your audience wants  

  • increase your studios engagement, reach and followers to build a devoted community

  • ensure your studios Instagram bio is up to date with frequent CTA prompts

  • plan your own DIY branded photoshoots for all your marketing materials

  • build a branded accessory collection

  • continuously create beautiful & captivating Instagram stories your audience will want to engage with

  • plan and schedule a product launch to apply all that you have learned at the end of 6 weeks

6 week mentoring includes weekly digital to dos for studio owners to complete while having full access to me during the weeks to address any and all questions/concerns

6 2-hour calls, 1 per week. 12 hours of 1:1 mentoring, plus full access before/after calls to ask your specific branding questions with quick responses.

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch to arrange a 30 minute discovery call and we can determine which type of mentoring will best suit your studio!

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