the pottery painting process


There is so much that goes into pottery painting, before the pottery can be painted!

Learning to brand, market & sell your products and services is a whole process, and I'm here to help. As my time as a studio owner, I quickly learned where my time & efforts were best spent with small business entrepreneurship.

Being a studio owner means so many things- managing, scheduling, supplying &providing.  There's a lot of responsibility to manage and maintain- and you're a small business super hero for making it all run smoothly.

Now is a good time and the right time for growth and I’ve been doing a lot of researching, thinking & building to help PYOP studios succeed even MORE than they already do! I want to take what I learned as a studio owner to provide resources for success.

Throughout this 6 week program you will learn about the 3 pillars (branding, marketing & sales) through downloadable digital work books & detailed pyop specific video tutorials to build your studios brand & aesthetic. I've been connecting and conversing with pyop studio owners to receive insight and feedback about what type of growth their studio will benefit from most. What I hear most is that studios are looking to engaging & acquiring new audiences as potential customers, defining their studios style & branding and keeping a consistent feed aesthetic. All of this and MORE will be covered in the Pottery Painting Process Program!


Want to learn more? Leave your info and I’ll get back to you when I can share more details!


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